Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Dreaded ‘O’ Word

Over the past week, I have been *rganizing my yarn stash. Such a simple, innocent concept. But how long-avoided, yea even dreaded, an event. The fear, oh the fear, that once started, never it shall stop. That the closet, with its layer upon layer of forgotten goods, would yield not pleasant founts of newly-found beautifully textured and dyed fiber and yarn, but untold, forgotten horrid messes and half ripped disasters. Good thing fears don't always come about the way we imagine them. Even so, it took a lot of nerve to get to the bottom of my main three yarn depositories, leaving them cleaned and *rganized. I ended up with two rather large piles of stuff for final liberation, one earmarked for my knitting guild and one, dear reader, up for grabs.

Knowing full well that many of us have taken a sort of pledge not to increase our stashes in 2007 by buying new yarn, I have a suggestion, one I hope some of you will take advantage of. Why not make a contribution to Knitters without Borders, a charity very worthy of your contributions (as Yarn Harlot reminds us), and reclaim some very nice yarn for yourself at the very same time?

Here is how I see it happening: I will post individual pictures of the yarn offerings (all nice stuff, even some vintage yarn, from my stash). You tell me which one(s) you would like to redeem from its current state of limbo. I tell you how much it would take to send said yarn(s) to you, and you add to that amount a donation to Knitters without Borders. All proceeds will go to charity, and you choose how much to donate. Paypal only for these transactions, please. I really want these yarns to fly out of here!

Look for the list Saturday am... I think that's about the earliest I can get this together. Let’s work together for a great cause!

Now for some actual knitting content...

Progress on the Shetland Garden stopped for a couple of days in favor of sample knitting for a sock class that started Monday at Three Bags Full, a local and very wonderful yarn shop. I like to have at least one sock in progress during the class to illustrate the steps of making a basic sock.

This time, I had a great (or perhaps very foolhardy) idea... why not design a new sock that perhaps has some variations on the basic (cuff-down, heel flap) construction for each new class? I could still use the sock for basic sock demonstration, and at the same time satisfy some of my design urges (which have been quite jumpy for attention lately). I find that I work best when it is for a specific project or goal. So, here is what appeared on the needles:

Yarn is koigu P315D, a lovely forest-lichen-y colorway, beads are hex cut metallic gold iris size 8/0 from Earth Faire, pattern is a simple allover twisted-stitch brocade. Actually, this pic is a little old, having taken it yesterday. I have since then turned the heel and have done about one-third of the gusset rounds. It’s looking darned nice, but may be a little too subtle for photographing with clarity. I am thinking of doing another one in a solid color with beads that have a bit more contrast to the yarn. But this one does feel quite nice in its organic simplicity. I really like the tubular cast on and the way the beads complement the pattern too. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

Stay tuned for more edge-of-your-seat sock installments!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sock, Sivia! And speaking of tubular cast-on (weren't we?), I found the write-up you have on your website to be the best of all I studied. You cut to the chase and made it much less mysterious and fiddly.


Carol in Oregon

Cat Bordhi said...

What a wonderful sock . . . the beads are perfectly placed and make my knitterly taste buds salivate . . .

I wonder if you are socked in by snow as we are on the island - perfect knitting weather! Actually I am not there, but a mile north of Mexico, at TNNA, where I will be teaching in a few hours. By the time I get back home the weather is suipposed to have become a little friendlier.

And what a wonderful way to pass yarn and contribute to something wonderful! I hope those who donate will let Stephanie (Harlot) know so she can add the numbers to her total.

Cat, looking out the window at downtown San Diego from a hotel room that Queen Elizabeth herself would like (not sure how I landed here!).

Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

I really like the sock in progress. It is very earthy and I like the subtle bead colour.

You are so kind and generous to part with your yarn treasures to support such a worthy cause.

Kristine said...

That is gorgeous.

You know, any time I see a pattern of yours for the first time, there is part of my brain that just goes WANT!! and I have to wait for that part to chill so that I can function with all the rest of it again.

I am seriously hoping to see some purple and turquoise go flying by in these pictures of yours. :)

Julie said...

That's such a pretty colorway, but I would love to see a solid color with beads as you said. I actually made a sock of my very own design (simple but it's my first!) and it was really exciting to see it work. I have you to thank for alot of my inspiration. Now, it's a waiting game til Saturday - see you then!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful idea!
(And please stop trying to make me go back to the bead store. I can't support a second obsession!)

Mrs.Q said...

Lovely sock! You have me salivating for the days when I feel daring enough to try beads...soon, I think. And a great idea for Knitters Without Borders, too. Meanwhile, I'm having even more fun with my First Sock than I usually have knitting - thanks! Looking forward to the next class...

vanessa said...

i like the organic simplicity.

chappy said...

i love your new sock pattern and can't wait to knit it! the beads are the perfect touch!

i got brave with my angel beaded scarf and decided to knit it on size 15 needles with gorgeous furryarns waterfall (shades of pale blue) mohair and pearls. am going to use it for a wrap instead of a scarf at the str camp banquet.


Mandy said...

The sock looks fantastic, Sivia, I love the argyle-like effect very much.

Congratulations on finally tackling the big *O*!! ;)