Monday, January 8, 2007

The Chase is On

It is time to introduce the yarn gremlin, pictured here with his latest conquest.

Mooshie, as might be expected of an cat who is kept indoors amidst mountains of tempting fiber and yarn, finds his prey where he can get it. He is an excellent yarn catcher too, fast and skilled in the cat guerilla arts. Like many cats, he favors surreptitious moves, mostly at night or when his parents are gone, and can rarely be caught in the act of subjugating yarn to his will - yet the evidence is clearly there, usually left in a place where we cannot miss it, like the middle of the floor.

Lately, his yarn compulsion has taken a rather quirky turn. In our absence, Mooshie has started to bring balls of yarn to rest by the apartment door when we are gone, almost as if this act will bring us home; a play-wish, if you will.

This morning, this sight greeted us in the hallway:
The ball on top, sea silk in the ocean colorway. The bottom ball is Blue Sky alpaca & silk. Sea silk... alpaca & silk... start to see a pattern? Silk is definitely the fiber of choice chez M.

After running some errands this afternoon, these were waiting for us when we returned:
Top ball, leftover ball of Socks that Rock lightweight in mustang sally; bottom ball, the same ball of Blue Sky alpaca & silk from this morning. Notice the slightly bedraggled state of this ball? It is one of M's favorites. I have actually tried to hide this ball from him on occasion, but he always finds it. Mooshie obviously loves this yarn. Perhaps a more persnickety yarn owner would get miffed at this yarn abuse, but I figure, what's a little tangle between friends?

Oh, and yarn isn't the only source of play around here... Mooshie gets really turned on by paper:
May your yarn adventures be playful and full of bliss...


Carole Knits said...

I think Mooshie sounds a lot like my cat, Mason.

Uli said...

Love the cat. My cats generally leave the yarn alone. My little guy........ now that's another story. He chases the stuff like a cat. We used to have my inlaws' cat visit and I used to forget that he didn't ignore yarn like my cats do........ I woke up one morning to find a ball of yarn draped all over the house, under the table legs, through the cat door into the basement etc. It was a wild goose chase getting all the yarn back. So funny!!!!

CarolineF said...

He is adorable. My cats are pretty good with yarn, but one of them gets all excited when I wear my shawl made of Brooks Farm mohair and silk. She gets on my lap and pushes her head in underneath the fabric.

Julie said...

Sivia, Mooshie is darling, but I worry about the yarn. (I don't want to lecture, but) I have had cats for many years (down to two 15-year-olds) and have always been careful about yarn, string, ribbon (Christmas presents are wrapped but not ribboned around here) embroidery thread, etc. My daughter's wonderful cat Felix died several years ago after swallowing a piece of yarn which was unfortunately still attached to the skein. It was a very bad experience. Now if I make a yarn toy for the cats, I make sure the end of the yarn is knotted well with no chance of coming loose.

Kristine said...

Hello hello!

Your kitty is adorable; I need to either teach mine to hold still for pictures or get a faster camera.

Glad to see you here in blogland :)

Melanie said...

Bright-eyed and cheeky-faced feline friend. It's nice that you're willing to share your love of fibre with Moosie.

Kat said...

Mooshie sounds like a fun cat!

How neat that he shares your love of yarn. :-)

KnitNana said...

Mooshie is cool! I've really got to get at my Shetland Garden shawl, I've had the yarn for a year, but too much OTN and too much LIFE getting in the way!