Thursday, July 19, 2007


Long time no post, yes?

I am very grateful to those blog readers who are STILL LEAVING NICE COMMENTS on blog posts that are more than a month old. You are so great, all of you... you know who you are.

So. What's been happening since June? Lots really...

One of the nicest things I have to show is this little beauty:

The Moonrise Neckpiece was inspired by a gorgeous bracelet kit I purchased from Earth Faire a little while ago. I wanted a knitted neckpiece that matched the densely beaded bracelet... and a few short rows later, the perfectly circular Moonrise Neckpiece was finished...

Just like Ellen Sandin's brilliant Bead Stew bracelet pattern, the beads are strung in a completely random fashion before the knitting starts. The beads are placed on wrong-side rows: knit one stitch, pull up a bead close to the right needle, then knit the next stitch (the piece is all garter... so easy). When you turn the piece over to do the next right-side row, it is a lovely surprise to see the patterns emerging from the beads that were strung so randomly. It is always beautiful and always changing, row by row by row. Doing this piece was the most fun I have had in a long, long time!

For now, you can get the Moonrise Neckpiece kit on Earth Faire's website here. I am getting inspired to do a whole series of knitted neckpieces and matching earrings... yes! earrings!!!

Ok... twist my arm, here is a preview of an earring:

The fun continues...