Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scarf Sale!

Get your holiday knitting on!

In honor of the magnificently giftable qualities of knitted scarves, I am having a sale on selected scarf and shawlette patterns in my ravelry shop!

Purchase two of the selected list of scarf patterns, and receive 25% off your total price! This is like getting the second pattern for 50% off!

Choose from: Gothic Leaf Scarf, Knotty Scarflet, Angel Pearls Beaded Scarf, Confluence Shawlette, Due Amori Gloves and Scarf, River Rock Scarf, Wings of Song, Butterfly Wrap and Victorian Shoulderette.

Just in time for your last minute holiday gifts.. so get moving! This will be in place until the end of the year.

Happy holidays, Sivia

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Once again, here I am in Twist Collective, the pinnacle of knit publications. Once again, I have to pinch myself.

Before Inkberry was sent off, I had the pleasure of seeing it on Sorren, co-worker at Twisted, and Vivian Aubrey kindly snapped some pictures. I think they are lovely.. see what you think!








I think Inkberry came out to be a lyrical piece, romantic and flowing. Hope you like her!