Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Gloves to You!

The Rolling Thunder Glove pattern is available as a free ravelry download. Some of you already found it on my website as a freebie, but now the rest of the knitting world will be discovering it!



The Rolling Thunder glove is an offshoot of the Rolling Thunder sock pattern that was published in Knitty.com in the Spring 2006 issue. The gloves came about because I wanted to make a new pair to replace the samples that walked away with my mom after she visited me last fall, but I just couldn't quite make myself do the pattern as written... hehe. This familiar to any of you? No, I thought not...

There will be a class featuring these gloves at Three Bags Full knit shop in January, so be sure and sign up for that if you are here in town and you thnk you may be interested... it is a fun glove pattern with a hemmed cuff, beads, and a nicely shaped thumb.

May your holidays be peaceful and filled with joy! All wishes for a happy season of light, from snow blanketed Vancouver...


turvid said...

Beautiful mitts!

Happy new year! :)

Kristina Holtz said...

I just finished my first Thunder Fingerless Glove tonight and had a great time at the class. I look forward to taking another class with you soon and wearing my gloves proudly!!

Check out www.bradenhammond.com and lushglass.ca to see some glass! I'll remember to bring some beads to show you next time.


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