Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rings of Harmonia

Harmonia's Rings is now available!

This newest addition, a warm and graceful cowl design, was born during the One World Moebius knit along that started right before the US election in November.

This is reflected in the name of the cowl, “Harmonia’s Rings," after the Greek goddess of contentment and harmony. The spiral shape of the center and the outlying rings of the cowl look exactly like the ripple effect that happens when a droplet falls into a pool of water…

Thanks to all for their encouraging remarks about the project so far! I love this piece which is quite sculptural and very cozy and warm. It is made in rings of telescoping pleats that arrange themselves cozily around your neck, and the cowl can also be stretched up over most of your head if desired, making it a sort of honorary wimple.






I used two yarns for these samples, Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Peru in Valkyrie (the purplish sample modeled by Christa Giles) and Berrocco Ultra Alpaca in Tanzanite mix (the tealish sample modeled by me). I believe any soft, warm worsted weight yarn would work for this design.

You may notice also that the design features a beaded picot bind off at the edge of the spiral opening. I couldn't resist adding beads, although there aren't many.. but I reserved a place of honor for them.

This is a design that will perplex your knitting (and non-knitting) friends, and I guarantee that no one will be able to figure out how the thing was constructed!!! It will be our little secret. The actual knitting is easy and suitable for beginning knitters. You will need to know Cat Bordhi's Moebius cast on. But you will be a better person for learning this... you can thank me later.

May contentment reign...


Uli said...

it's gorgeous, Sivia!!!

Caroline M said...

It is lovely and I want to buy the pattern RIGHT NOW. (Sorry did I shout there?)

Sande Francis said...

yes, absolutely gorgeous, but I want to see a photo with it pulled up over the head (the way I always wear mine).

Kat said...

WOW, Sivia, another fabulous design!!
Do you think I could get one of these finished before the holidays? drool

I love the new haircut, too! It looks great!

Musclemom said...

I love the pattern, but I don't see it for sale on your site? I am obviously missing something; would you mind putting a link to order the pattern? Thank you -- I love your shawls and have knitted several of them. I have never liked cowls until I saw this one. It's lovely -- I want it!

Sivia said...
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Sivia said...

Hi Sande,

You can view a picture of the cowl over my head on ravelry here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/sivia/harmonias-rings-cowl

keep in mind that of the two yarns I used, the Peru stretched much more than the Ultra Alpaca. You can try on as you go, and if you think you will need more head room, add an extra pattern repeat before the bind off. Hope that helps you...

Sivia said...

Hi musclemom,

I have not posted the pattern for sale on my website as I am planning to debut a brand new website very soon. However, you can purchase the download on ravelry here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/harmonias-rings-cowl

And thank you for your lovely compliments...

Sivia said...

Thank you Kat! I am actually trying to grow my hair out... but I am so curly that it probably looks shorter than ever!

And yes, barring the need to spin extra yarn..hehe.. you should be able to knock this one out pretty quickly!

SooZ said...

I have the Bonnie yarn.. all 6 skeins of it. I planned to do the Liesl (as you were working on it at the time) but now I'm eyeballing the Rings of Harmonia. MMMmm, any thoughts about Bonnie for that?

PS. I'm jumping in joy - I finally finished my Gothic Leaf Lace Stole this morning! I can't wait to block and post. (This was a two year project for me.)
Last month I acquired another skein and a half with the same dye lot from a Raveler in Calif. I decided I wanted my stole to be a bit longer. Next time I come into 3BF I shall model it for you!

Gothic Leaf Lace is a beautiful pattern and has been meditative for me. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us!