Friday, December 12, 2008

Buried Treasure, Unearthed

What is it about cables and beads that is so magical together?

Many of you have been asking about the Buried Treasure Socks pattern that appeared in Yarn Magazine last year, as the magazine is hard to find here in North America.

Good news.. the pdf pattern is now available for purchase on my website and on ravelry!

When I designed this sock, I had wanted for a long time to make intensely cabled socks, and here they are... elegant socks with cables galore, plus a “buried treasure” of glittering beads. The cables cause the leg to draw in more than usual, so the number of leg stitches has been increased to compensate. These extra stitches are then decreased in the gusset with a special technique.



The yarn I used for this pair is Sweet Georgia's Handpainted Sock, and the pattern requires approximately 226 (254) size 8/0 beads. The socks are sized for women’s medium and large. Retail price is $6.00 and download is immediate from either source.

I actually added this pattern to my projects a couple of days ago but ravelry was having a little trouble with accepting pattern uploads then... happy happy, all is fixed now...


SooZ said...

What a surprise to come upon this treasure. What a beauty.

Tan said...

Is it owwie to have beads on the instep? I guess it depends on the shoes.

Sivia said...

Thank you SooZ!

Tan, it might be, depending on your sensitivity. I would probably leave off the beads on the lower down instep, which you are welcome to do to! My sock recipient wanted all of the beads as these are meant for her house socks.

Hope this helps...