Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Screen Queen

Some of you may know that I am the designer behind the latest Rockin' Sock Club offering, Queen of Beads. From where I stand, this is kind of like being the mother of a famous child star. I just looked on the Ravelry pattern startup page and this is what I saw:

My pattern is second after a gorgeous and free lace shawl KAL. Wow. I don't know.. does this mean I have "arrived"????

Having just arrived home from knitterly jaunts to San Juan Island and the Madrona Fiber Arts event, I am tired but elated. And now this.. somebody pinch me.

More to come as I sort through all the photographs, papers, and patterns from my trip...


Jennifer said...

Congratulations, Sivia! You deserve nothing but the best - and I'm sooo happy for you! (And thanks for all the beautiful patterns you create for us to knit!)

Kristine said...

Oh, sad -- I couldn't afford the club this year, and I feel so incredibly missing out. dramatic sigh! Oh, well, I will eagerly count the days until Tina releases the pattern to the adoring masses.

Naomi said...

Sivia, I am not surprised at all! Your designs are wonderful and all I can say is...It is about time!

It was so nice to meet you at Madrona...first at the Fiber Traditions dinner and then in Cat's class. You are as gracious and kind as I had imagined.

Congratulations! See you at the Sock Summit.