Monday, March 1, 2010

Rosalind, Wherefore Art Thou?

Why, here!

I am celebrating Rosalind's release to the world today.. won't you celebrate with me?

Rosalind was originally published as part of the Shakespeare in Lace club in 2009 from Wooly Wonka Fibers. As of today, she is mine.. and yours.

From the pattern: A tale of loves lost and found again, mistaken identities, royalty hidden away in the forest.. and one of the greatest heroines put to paper.. this is Shakespeare's comedy, As You Like It. In this garment, I tried to capture Rosalind's trials antd tribulations as she strives to rescue her kingly father and gain the love of her life, while disguised as a boy. The yarn is humble enough, a fingering weight shetland, but the design is comfeaturing cables, lace, beads, and a labyrinthine center panel. I hope you will agree that althoumay go far afield, all comes right in the end, and with a regal beaded flourish too!

I made Rosalind in a Shetland fingering weight yarn that has heft enough to cable well, but you can substitute any yarn you fancy. If you have extra yarn at hand, you can easily size her up by adding more repeats of the body and center panel charts. As written, she will require 1200 yards and 780 beads, which are placed using the crochet hook add-as-you-go method.

You can find her here on my website and here on Ravelry, where some folks in my group will be starting to work on her shortly.