Sunday, February 21, 2010

Take a walk down memory lane with me

The wonderful Knitmore Girls have released the interview that we did at Sock Summit 2009. You can hear them on iTunes or their podcast page. And please don't listen too carefully. Be kind, and take the extraordinary circumstances into consideration, won't you?

Jasmin Canty is the best interviewer ever, and Gigi is lovely and so charming.. what a great mother and daughter duo!



hollyberry knits said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview! It's so nice to still be sampling the energy of the sock summit vicariously through those of you who were able to attend. Thanks for sharing with listeners of the Knitmores!

Uli said...

Oh, I haven't listened to it yet. I'm a bit behind but I can't wait!!!

Alison said...

What pattern is that shawl/scarf you are wearing? It looks great!

Sivia said...

Phoenix Rising! And thank you!