Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Color Riot, or Forgive my Teal

I am in full pre-Sock Summit obsession.. projects crowding around like little mewling babies, all craving attention and all wanting to be made before SS09.

As most of you know, probably to the point of nauseating repetition, I love beads and use them in almost everything I make. A growing number of people share my fascination with beads and how they can enhance (in my humble opinion) knitting designs.

It is however, rare when I find the right bead for the right yarn right away.. usually it takes some shopping around and that can be a process when you mostly order your good Japanese beads by mail order.

So.. regard. This is my latest order from Earth Faire, and EVERY BEAD IS PERFECT! I don't think it is my masterful decision making ability either, because I forgot what I ordered right after I ordered them, and besides I didn't have these skeins of yarn in my possession when I ordered. It has to be serendipity, or grace, or maybe synchronicity. Take your pick.

So take a look, and dream of the socks that will emerge from these yarns and bead combinations...

Because each of these is so wonderful in its own right, here follows a photo of each project.. more for my journalistic desire to record what I mean to do next than anything else.. and nothing is carved in stone, mind you. No promises.

But today, this is my happy color dance of potential bliss...

Oh Mama! STR lightweight in My blue heaven and Turquoise, with mint julep aqua and silver lined dark aqua beads. Yes, this is all one project!

Sweet sweet sweet! Blue Moon Fiber Arts Seduction in Rose Quartz, with sparkling cranberry lined amethyst ab beads.

Be still my heart! STR lightweight in Corbie with sparkling aqua green lined crystal ab beads.

Oh lordy - I hear the angels singing! STR lightweight in Quilla with dark peach lined crystal ab beads.

Splendiforous! Sweet Georgia Superwash Sock in Turquoise with glacier blue lined crystal ab beads

Elegance! Sweet Georgia Speed Demon in Teal with teal lined lavender beads

OK.. enough of this.. I'm going to wind up some yarn, yeah baby!


Uli said...

Wow, they are all so gorgeous!!!! Nice bead choices.

jamie said...

Love this post. Colorful eye candy. Must go buy beads now.

Zieknits said...


Can't talk now. Bead lust must be assuaged.

TattingChic said...

WOW! Those beads and yarns look so luscious! I am sure you will make lovely things with them! I feel so excited, too, when I get a new order of beads and threads to make tatted lace with! :)