Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lolling around

I have been working hard lately. Very very hard. Probably too hard, y'know???

The good news is that things are getting done, and amongst all the other projects that I can't talk about, the Norwegian Woods shawl is progressing nicely.

And... guess what? The folks who voted for a triangle shawl are about to get their wish. Here is the start, partially blocked at the very top:

I know it looks humble, but try to see what's making me excited about this... how asymmetrical the lace pattern is when it meets at the center seam. I really, really like how this is working up. Yarn is malabrigo lace in the purple mystery colorway. Yum. More progress shots are promised soon.

And while I am thinking how overworked I am, someone else is at work reminding me of the importance of just lolling. Please enjoy...


Kristine said...

Oh my goodness, Sivia, it's gorgeous...and to torment me with a reason to buy the Malabrigo Lace the same week my yarn store sends me a welcome-baby gift certificate? How could you! How could I not!

It's beautiful. I'm tempted.

Melanie said...

:: sigh :: more beautiful lace. That's just lovely, and Mooshie is setting a good example. The Malabrigo looks like yummy yarns.