Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year

The holidays have been going on for the whole month of December chez Sivia, ever since my classes wound down at Three Bags Full (they will start again in January). I have been really enjoying just hanging out at home, watching endless old movies in my jammies, and of course, doing a lot of knitting. Most involved projects I can't talk about yet... but there is something to brag on. Yesterday, this came off the needles:

Voila - the Norwegian Woods Triangle Shawl. I am pleased with the final result. The yarn is malabrigo lace in the purple mystery colorway, and the shawl took only 2 skeins (about 900 yards). Beads are purple iris 3x3 cubes from Earth Faire.

I had an immediate impulse to do a smaller version (the shawl is 66 inches across, 33 inches long at center back) and have started a scarf sized Norwegian Woods in periwinkle sea silk. This is serious yum, folks. Pics soon.

I just want to mention my test knitter who excels beyond all praise. Thank you, Kat! You are simply the best.

With a little luck, the pattern will be forthcoming soon.

Happy New year everyone! May your hearts sing and fingers fly with knitterly joy in the coming year...


Cara said...

GORGEOUS! Happy New Year!

Melanie said...

So very pretty! The edging is lovely.

Best wishes for a great year in 2008!

Kat said...

Thank you, Sivia!
I'm just starting the second chart, and got much less knitting done this weekend/today than I wanted to. Hopefully tomorrow!

Your triangular Norwegian Woods is just beautiful, and I can't wait to have a red one. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sivia--beautiful as usual! Happy New Year--Sandra Singh