Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On a Cat Bordhi Roll...

I hope all of you are aware of Cat Bordhi's newest book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One. I am in love with this book, and all that it implies. Cat's genius has led her to an amazing fact - that socks can fit beautifully with infinitely varying structures. I fully plan to explore the possibilities of this at some time when I have no deadline knitting in sight, unlike the present!

But for now, I am having a great time with some of my favorite sock patterns from the book...

The Slip Stitch Rings sock (Cedar Architecture): my version is done in two colorways of koigu, one handpainted and one semi-solid.

The Cables and Corrugations sock (Riverbed Architecture): my version is done in Nature's Palette yarn in the walnut colorway.

The Tibetan Sock (Coriolis Architecture): my version is done in Koigu Kersti, which knits up at a perfect 7 stitches per inch and sure makes a beautiful sock.

The Coriolis master sock: my version is done in Indigo Moon fingering weight sock yarn, available at Three Bags Full Yarn Shop.

The Hearth and Home Eyelet Sock (Ridgeline Architecture): my version is done in Cascade 220 Handpaints.

The Ocean Toes sock (Cedar Architecture): my version is done in Mountain Colors Weavers Wool in ladyslipper. Yum. You can also see this sock in the book.

The Milkmaid Stocking (Upstream Architecture): my wonderfully decadent version is done in Blue Sky alpaca & silk. Mmmmm. Unfortunately, no picture but you can see it in the book on page 76.

Needless to say, the fit of these extraordinary socks is exquisite and *huggy*. I hope all of you can experience this firsthand sometime soon. And do check out Cat's videos on YouTube.

I love these socks and I can't seem to get enough of them. Anyone else on a Cat roll?


Katie K said...

Yes, I knitted the 2 pairs of learning socks. They were actually exciting to knit. You can see them on ravelry under KatieK. Yours look beautiful. Why am I not surprised?

Julie said...

Sivia, is it me or do I only see one sock for each pattern? I'm guessing that you've finished each mate as well. In any case, they are all beautiful, and Cat's book is ordered and on the way. I really like the corrugated sock - how unusual!!!

Sivia said...

Hehe... You got me there, Julie! One sock it is for most of these, which were made as store samples and for my own have-to-have-that-one-too brand of startitis. Now I have two classes going for the new socks, one on the Tibetan Sock and one on the Slip Stitch Rings sock. I agree with you - the corrugated sock is lovely - and it has an amazing fit! Hope you have lots of fun with the book!

Kat said...

Wow, those are awesome socks!

Melanie said...

You've been on a veritable Sock Binge! Gorgeous, interesting socks.