Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Addi Love

In answer to questions about the new Addi lace needles, yes, they are SO much nicer for lace than the "regular" Addis. Here is a visual comparison of two 3.75mm (US 5) needles, the bottom of which is a lace Addi, the top is a regular Addi:

Click for bigger if you want...See how the point is longer on the bottom needle, and the tip is sharper? It IS very nice to have a sharper tip, although to tell you the truth, I was getting along just fine with the old ones. I have also heard a lot about the better grabbing of the lace needles and I do notice a different surface texture on the needle (gold in the photo) that is less slick, but again, I had no trouble with the slickness of the old ones so that is nice but not a selling point for me.

But the longer tip area is what is really winning me over to the lace needle camp. All of a sudden, I am noticing that is no longer such a chore to do k2togs and ssks. I actually enjoy the maneuver as I get to watch those elegant long tips swoop in and out of those stitches in style! Yeah, baby!

The cables are still wonderful on the new needles, as you can (hopefully) see... almost exactly the same as the old, as far as I can tell.

And thanks to all who commented on the new shawl and the new wheel... yes, I am thrilled with both! However, just to clarify... the Waves in the Square pattern has been around for a while - this is just an updated version, with a picot bind off added to jazz up the bottom edge. I beaded mine because I love what that does to the drape of the shawl, and I will be including instructions for doing this in the new version of the pattern. If you want the new version, PLEASE WAIT TO PURCHASE IT.. I still need to take a new cover photo of the shawl! Alternately, please email me if you want to be put on a list for the new version with the beaded picot border. The rest of the shawl pattern will be exactly the same as the current version.

As for my new Sonata, I love her! I love her! Just need more time to sit in front of her and spin to my heart's content. One little tiny thing... I am finding that the bobbin spindle needs a good bit of lubrication, and oil doesn't quite seem to be cutting it as I still seem to be having a tiny bit of noise/vibration (but I am very sensitive to noise and vibration - this may not be a problem for most, and it does not affect the spinning one little bit). I am about to try some vaseline for my next spinning session.

Other than that minor point, I am really really happy with the wheel, the action of the treadles is smooth as silk and I like sitting right in front, almost on top of the wheel, so the positioning is perfect for me. I love the light-yet-solid feeling of the wheel, the footmen with their cute little plastic tubing connectors, love the quick-snap bobbin change, love the beautiful turning on the wheel, love the easy fold and perfect flatness of the folded wheel, in a word, love it all!!! Even with my Symphony (now gone to a new owner who had more floor space than I), spinning wasn't this easy and fun. Those Kromski folks have done up a nice one, folks.

Now... back to trunk show knitting!


Romi said...

=sigh= Now I'm gonna hafta get me some o' them Addis! ;)

annmarie said...

Thanks so much for the close-up photos! I'm sold. :)

Melanie said...

I do like the new lace Addis now that I'm adjusting my knitting style to the pointy tips. I'm learning to avoid bracing the needle tip with my finger when pushing the stitches forward on the needle.