Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Finally, Charts Made Simple!

I have in my hands a treasure: an advance copy of JC Briar's new book, "Charts Made Simple: understanding knitting charts visually."

I didn't know it, but I have been waiting for this book for a very long time.

Every time I have ever taught lace, which is a frequent occurrence, I have wished for some sort of reference to offer my students who are unfamiliar with charts. Since I ask my students to become very intimate with their lace work.. even beyond "reading".. it is essential that they wean themselves off of the long strings of word descriptions and onto pictorial charts to follow.

This is a tortuous process for many knitters, and there are various learning styles to consider as well.. some of us are aural learners, some of us visual, and some spatial.

But enough about me and my teaching style. I want to talk about JC's book, which appeals wonderfully to almost every style of learner and feels so good in the hand. A small, beautifully organized compendium of common sense and wise knitterly advice, it also ventures into previously uncharted territory as it exhorts us to go beyond the obvious, not even taking a chart at face value. Each chapter ends with a summary and a set of test questions, making it an ideal self guided learning experience.

As most designers who have had the great fortune to have worked with JC in her previous career as a tech editor par excellence, JC knows just about everything there is to know about knitting, and there has never been a tech editor with a sharper eye or a friendlier tone. "Charts Made Simple" is a wonderful opportunity to glean chart pointers from a master.

Order online from Amazon. You'll be glad you did.


JelliDonut said...

Oh! I need this book!

LoriAngela said...

I love chart knitting. I found the best way to learn how to read them is to translate the sentences into pictures.

faeryfay said...

This looks like a fabulous book!