Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Recap

What a year it was!

I never could have foreseen all the changes, all the highs and lows, all the paths that joined or were parted. Looking back over the events of the year, I truly feel I have aged years, and those who have seen me lately know that I am looking it too.. I am no longer hiding my silvery locks. It feels as if a rather heavy dose of reality has come down to roost around me. And as these things go, it is now time for a little backwards look, a fond farewell to 2009, and a glad turning to 2010 and whatever it may hold.

Some of you know (and probably many of you don't!) that for the last 10+ years, I have been happily residing in Vancouver, Canada with my dear husband Burt, and Mooshie, the famous cover model cat.

That has come to an temporary end, as I now have a home in Portland, Oregon with my son Ari, who is grown but unable to care for himself at this time. Living with someone who is in constant pain is such a lesson in humility as I witness daily the courage and strength of my son. It is truly a privilege to be able to support and care for him at this time.

Actually, it all started at Sock Summit, which was an incredible high, as everyone knows... Sock Summit forced me out of my comfortable anonymity in Canada and broke me out of my reclusive lifestyle, probably for forever. While the experience was fraught with a certain anxiety, experiencing the nirvana that was SS09 was the high point of my life, and my life has changed forever as a result of being there. I am sure I am only one of many who can say the same.

After Sock Summit ended in August, I went from the heights to the depths as I traveled to California to take care of my son. I stayed there for several weeks, then went on to Portland, my chosen destination, in order to make a home there for the two of us.

I could not have chosen a better place. Portland is wonderful and it has embraced me with open arms. I am so grateful for the friends and acquaintances who have helped me get a foothold here, and of course for the folks at Twisted for giving me a home base.

Yes, so much to be grateful for.

Now that I have landed and have an address, I can do lots more designing than I could when I was living out of a suitcase.. isn't that amazing?? And the designs have been flying out the door at a rather amazing rate. I think those of you who watch my work will be pleased when they begin to come out on ravelry and other places. I will also be traveling and teaching from my new home base, and I hope to meet many of you as I appear at the various fiber events and classes.. please do check my website soon for details.

Thank you, dear readers, for patiently waiting for posts here, and for your support, as always.

Happy, happy New Year to all of you!


MavenKnits said...

Wow :) What a year indeed. It is wonderful to hear your voice all the way from portland. I'm glad to hear that the New Year has brought an end to the suitcase lifestyle for you, but sad that I only just got to meet you officially, and then you are gone! Hopefully you will still be teaching occasionally up here in Van!

Your Lace Triangle design course was wonderful, I am still reaping the benefits of all of the knowledge that I gained, and look forward to plenty more when I am able to put more time into design. A happy New Year to you too!

LoriAngela said...

I wish you all the strength you need to continue this act of love, and all the knowledge you could have to make good decisions as a caregiver. I am a palliative nurse and will be thinking of you.

Louisa said...

All the best in everything you have undertaken, Sivia! My heart goes out to you for the sacrifices you've made for Ari. Don't forget to take time for yourself and breathe.


Anonymous said...

Your work brings such joy to so many of us. May 2010 bring joy to you and your family.

Melanie said...

I wish you continued strength and courage in this new year. Your selflessness never ceases to amaze me. I'm glad to hear that your Muse is with you, and I'm looking forward to all your new designs.

KnitNana said...

My best wishes for your new life in Portland and for all good things to come your way (and your son's!)

junipergirl said...

My very best wishes for the future for you and Ari. I have a feeling we will cross paths again in the future. (I ran into you at Twisted and asked you to sign you Harmonic pattern). take good care, Val

Yvonne said...

Oh, my, Sivia. My heart and thoughts go to you and yours right now. Bless you all.

Lee Ann said...

Thinking of you, and sending love and support, dear lady.

I LOVE YOU said...


Leslie said...

It's a bit late, but welcome. We love that you've chosen Portland!