Thursday, October 9, 2008

Uno Amore, Up Close and Personal

Kristine asked for a closeup of the scarf, so here it is... ask and you shall receive!

Click for bigger.. hope this fills the bill.

She also asked for information on how the beads go into the design. Here is a description of sorts.

First, the beads go across the beaded purl edging. After the edging is complete, the pattern separates into several patterns across the row, of which two are beaded: the right and left cables and the Fan pattern, which only contains 3 beads in itself but after 20 rows becomes the Beaded Center Pattern which features one centered bead every fourth row of the scarf. Most of the 500 beads go into the beaded cables, and you could still get the impact of beads by just beading the center stitch in my opinion. Hope that helps you sort out your bead priorities!

In other news, I have written a draft of the Rolling Thunder Glove pattern but still need someone to test the larger size. Is anyone up for that??? Please contact me here or at my regular email address, siviaharding AT shaw DOT ca.

In other non knitting news, I have taken up learning the ukelele! Hehe... more on that later, perhaps MUCH later...

Happy almost Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone!


Linda Lindley said...

I have bigger hands, so would LOVE to test it!
I am thegothicl on Raverly.
My e-mail addres is thegothiclAThotmailDOTcom.

SooZ said...

This is a great photo, thank you for putting it up. The opportunity for a closer look is nearly as good as the real thing!

You are right, the beads I have will look lovely with the yarn and design!Your scarf shows the same effect.

We Vancouver knitters are solucky to have you in our city!

Happy Thanksgiving, Sivia.

Yvonne said...

I was going to volunteer to test knit but Linda beat me to it! :) (I'm still plugging on the shawl, so maybe it's best that Linda does the gloves anyway!!) :)

Sivia said...

I am very happy to have more than one test knitter, Yvonne! Give me your email address and you can have it too if you like.

Thanks to all for your comments, and happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs.Q said...

Stunning! I'm not nearly good enough to volunteer as a test knitter...but I'll be trying the scarf and gloves for myself one of these days! (After Christmas, when I get to knit for myself again...coz there's no way I'd be able to give them away.) Despite my best efforts at denial, you'll have me knitting with beads yet.

Kristine said...

That's fantastic, and exactly what I needed to know -- I think that I might very well be able to make this work. I need to shoot an email to Ellen and find out how many beads are probably in that little container, but I'm at least in the ball park -- if not, I'll find something else that will work!

If you need another test knitter for the gloves, lemme know!