Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Retreat!

Here is the report on the Retreat over the weekend of September 5, long long overdue...

First, a few words about the enchanted and magical spot where the retreat was held. The house of Sage and Linden is situated right on the ocean, in a little community called Cobble Hill, between Victoria and Duncan on Vancouver Island. I hope I am describing this accurately, as I am the worst in the world at directions, maps, etc. Anyway, here is a view from the porch, which Sage and Linden get to see from their bedroom window... Note the treetop level view and the ocean peeking through the trees. I saw eagles and ravens circling BELOW, which was amazing.


The house itself is graciously proportioned and perfect for a retreat. Here is our workshop room:


and another view of the lovely, spacious room:


We had three days of fun, which included a visit to a nearby Alpaca farm. One alpaca really wanted to check me out, and it looks like she was whispering in my ear. They were such lovely, sweet animals.


The farm owners allowed us to feed them and even wander around in the girls' pen, which was great, and some of us got a bit mobbed.




That is Sage in the midst of an alpaca mob. Sage has a special relationship with one of the babies too:


I think she makes a lovely alpaca mommy.

You all probably know by now that the subject of the retreat was the new pattern, Dué Amori, which is a glove and scarf set. Some chose to start the glove and some the scarf, and I hope all had a great time and learned some things too.

I must say that I think I learned the most from getting to know these talented and ingenious knitters. I certainly enjoyed them all! Hi to everybody!!!!

And now I am ready to do another one, as long as Sage and Linden don't mind another swarm of knitters at their eagle's nest of a setting...

You can see the whole pictures set on Flickr here. Enjoy...


Melanie said...

Fabulous scenery, wonderful critters and knitting, does it get any better? It looks like the venue for the retreat was just perfect. I'm glad you had a good time.

Geek Knitter said...

An alpaca mob, oh, be still my heart!

珊珊李 said...


I LOVE YOU said...