Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hey, so what's with all the pink?

Those of you who know me know that I am not a fan of pink. Pink in my book is, well, soft, lighthearted (not that there is anything wrong with lighthearted) and sort of namby pamby. In general, I much prefer strong colors with a bit of drama or depth to them. It's just my personality, what can I say. I like to dwell just a little (and sometimes more than just a little) on the dark side.

Maybe it's that summer has finally come to us in Vancouver, but lately I have been entertaining pink in my environment, and it ain't half bad. I think I could learn to live with certain pinks... like these:

Blue Moon Fiber Art's new colorway, Quilla. A poem of vintage-y, angelic, almost-not-there pink.

Pink Granite Sheep to Shoe spinning fiber, also from Blue Moon Fiber Arts... the pink part.

Misti alpaca lace yarn in a corally pink. I find this so yummy.. maybe it's just the texture I find so delicious though.

And what's this????? I know the yarn, koigu KPM in an almost-solid deep magenta, but what the _*&$! is the knitted thing?????

Does this help? Any guesses now????

Next time... my latest little confection for the feet... look for a free pattern right here, soon!


Melanie said...

Toe bikinis! Those are so cool.

Sivia said...

No fair, Mel.. you saw these in person!!!!

Ilix said...

Love the yoga socks....(?)
I have to say that my favorite pink you have shown is the first one. The Quilla.... yummy.