Monday, June 21, 2010

Black and Other Sheep

Oh lord, it has been a long blog silence. I seem to have a difficult time with day to day fodder. Oh blog readers, can you forgive me?

There are no lace or beads in today's post. Please excuse. However, last weekend I was incredibly fortunate to visit the legendary Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon. Out of the dog house and into the sheep house.

I adore sheep faces! So now, lucky readers, you get to see a few of the sheepy personalities I saw at the gathering.


This young man obligingly allowed me to photograph his back. The answer is obviously "YES!"


First, to get my cute quotient just as high as it can possibly go, here is a baby kitten that someone had in the sheep area. Awwww.


And here is the requisite bunny. He was, according to his owner, asleep with his eyes open. So sweet, and apparently so relaxed too.


Another blissfully sleeping baby amidst the din and b-a-a-a-a-h-ings.


A young Jacob, raring to go.


This fellow almost looks like he should be sporting a unicorn!






Thank you for indulging me in my sheepy obsession.

I met so many wonderful folks at the gathering, and saw so many old friends. I did feel dorky asking people if I could take their picture though. Must get over that.

I did come home with a few choice booty items. I hope you agree that I exercised enormous restraint.


Left to right, a Jenkins Turkish Delight spindle (I got a tiny itsy-bitsy Jenkins too.. it stole my heart), a luminous glass shawl pin (actually a laying tool) from the wizardry of Sheila and Michael Ernst, and three skeins of precious yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts: a Seduction in a particularly lovely colorway and two STR skeins in new vibrant reds that had to come home with me.


And here, six precious balls of Elemental Affects shetland fingering weight yarn that will be part of a Plum Frost cardigan if all goes well. The plain part of the sweater will be Imperial Stock Ranch's Tracie fingering weight, which I am hoping will blend beautifully with the shetland.

May you all have sheep around you in plentiful quantities.. either in four footed or fiber form. We heart sheeps everywhere.


Merry Karma said...

Good to be reading a post from you Syvia! I like your Blue Moon purchases. Lovely colors!

Merry Karma said...

Sorry...can't spell your name, apparently.

Skylark said...

Will you be tempted to add just a few beads to your Elemental Affects sweater?

LoriAngela said...

Sheep sleep. Can there be anything more perfect? My cute meter is off the chart. I'm just finishing up a few things before I jump into the Diamond Fantasy Shawl to go with my summer of Fantasy reading! Thanks for taking us along.

Bonnie said...

Oh my, the cuteness quotient of this post is very high! I like all the sheepy photos but it's the kitty who stole my heart. Looks like a very fun festival.

Melanie said...

Awww, thanks for sharing the sheep experience with us. That kitty is a heart-stealer; what a cutie pie.

I bet Skylark's intuition about a bead or two finding its way into your Plum Frost cardigan might just be on the money.

Lovely to see you here again.