Thursday, May 21, 2009

In Praise of Patternfish

If any of you haven't yet heard of the Patternfish phenomenon, please get up to date already!

This smart and fun site offers you thousands of pdf downloadable patterns, with great ways to search and save your faves, intelligent rundowns of each and every pattern, great service, and even better yet, it's Canadian!

Julia Grunau is the mastermind behind the 8-ball. She writes a mean blog post. And my Harmonia’s Rings is their best selling pattern in Germany.

For all of you designers out there, Julia is soliciting, so go over and get yourself signed up! You will be in fine company indeed.


Annie said...

Do you plan to publish the Phoenix Rising pattern in the future?

sivia said...

Yes! I just need to get some good pictures for the new pattern and I am set to release it.