Saturday, April 5, 2008

River, River, Rock, Rock

It's out... my version of the River Rock Scarf. I included not one, not two, but FOUR designs in this pattern, plus multiple ideas for play.

I hope people go nuts with this. It is one of my favorite designs ever.
This design was first seen in No Sheep For You, which came out last year. But I thought it had other possibilities and I couldn't help exploiting those possibilities.. thus the four new charts for this beaded scarf, which can be done using almost any yarn from sport to worsted weight, and any amount of beads from minimal to ridiculous.

In case anyone is bead phobic, or convinced that stringing beads is dorky, or that it can not be as good as hooking beads on with a crochet hook, I have provided information on how to make this a fast and fun knit, including hints and tips on what I call “bead management”.

You can find it on my website here, on Ravelry here, and other places soon. The rumor is that Ellen over at Earth Faire is going to be offering kits! Yay!

And last but not ever least, thank you to Kristina of Brouhaha fame, for her wonderful brain.


Kristina B said...

People should go nuts with it! It's a fabulous pattern - and stringing beads is NOT dorky, particularly not with good tips on how to do so.

In my opinion, everyone should have a River Rock - I made one from the NSFY book and it is probably the piece of work I've had the most compliments on...

And thanks, Sivia (blushing).


Melanie said...

I can just see this in a slinky black yarn with silver-blue beads. I bet there will be hundreds of versions of this and they'll all be beautiful.